Pelham Manor officials have issued this advisory concerning a Mt. Vernon event planned for Sunday at Hutchinson Field:

The Village is aware of a planned event at the Hutchinson Field in the City of Mount Vernon scheduled for this Sunday, July 7th. This event will operate under a permit issued by the City of Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation Department. It is scheduled to end at 10:00 pm.

The Village has acted proactively with regard to this event. We have been in contact with County representatives, have met on site with representatives of the Mount Vernon Mayor’s office and have spoken directly with the Mount Vernon Police Chief and the Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. In all of those meetings and conversations the Village has expressed our support for an economically successful and vibrant Mount Vernon. At the same time, we have firmly stated our concerns with regard to the deleterious impact of loud noise experienced by our residents associated with these events.

Mount Vernon is aware of this impact and we have been assured that steps will be taken for this event to minimize it. Mount Vernon officials have represented to us that all noise regulations, both by law and contained in the permit, will be monitored and enforced by the City. In addition, the City has assured us that speakers will be oriented in a manner that directs the music away from Pelham Manor residences.

If you experience loud noise from this event, please call the Pelham Manor Police Department at 738-1000 and register your complaint. Our department will forward the complaint to the MVPD for their action. You should also register your complaint directly with the MVPD at 665-2500 and on Monday to the Mount Vernon Recreation Department at 665-2420.

The Village will continue to monitor this event and act within the bounds of our authority as the situation unfolds.

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