Members of the Village of Pelham Manor Board of Trustees discussed the subject of merging with the Village of Pelham at their meeting Monday, Nov. 25, adding to what Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey said last week at a Town Hall where she said Pelham Manor homeowners would see their taxes increase if the two villages merged.

The meeting video can be seen at and the discussion was near the end of the meeting.

In response to a question from a resident at the meeting, Mayor Lapey said Village Manager John Pierpont has done an analysis of the budgets, tax levies and other financials of the two villages and is willing to discuss the study with anyone who calls 738-8820 (not 8220) and makes an appointment.  He said the study's conclusion is that merger would result in a "significant incresse in taxes" for the Homestead class in Pelham Manor.

Mayor Lapey also said Pelham Manor Village also works closely with other villages, cities and the county to find ways to share services and efficiencies that benefit residents.

Deputy Mayor Louis Annunziata pointed out that Pelham Manor properties have a higher assessed valulation, lower tax rate and the village has no debt. Trustee Michelle DeLillo said there are differences in the Villages to consider such as Pelham Villages pays a contractor to collect its garbage and Pelham Manor uses village employees. Tustee Breda Bennett said any funds from NyY State for a merger study would require the villages to pay some of the cost.

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