Dear Neighbors,

Many residents here were shocked when I decided to primary the incumbent state senator who enjoyed uncontested elections for years. In that race, we were members of the same party, but were worlds apart in our beliefs and priorities. It was an uphill battle to persuade voters that a new voice would be compelling, and we had to continually remind ourselves that we were here to make things better, and sometimes people wouldn’t appreciate the ruffling of feathers.

And now once more, on Election Day 2019, it’s critical that Democrats show our values at every level - especially local - as we head into 2020.

It will come as no surprise to you that I am supporting the Democratic candidates Maura Curtin, Kristen Burke and Adam Kagan on election day because one of my top goals is for Pelham to reach its highest potential, and their fresh new leadership will bring us there.

Each of them has been tirelessly engaged in the community, talking with people, participating in meetings and events, and most importantly knocking on doors all over town. Their stated ideas for improvements to our town are clear and concise and I urge you all to read them here and consider them for yourself.

For twenty years, not a single Democrat has served as a member of the Town Council. So we are long overdue for some bi-partisan balance. When we add new voices to our government, we add new perspectives, experiences and ideas. We all want Pelham to align with values that are representative of our times, and with this slate, we can ensure that will happen. I hope you’ll join me in our vision to bring new voices and new energy to our town government.

“Keeping Pelham the Same” isn’t good enough. It’s an incredible community, but like any town, we can do more. I want a diversity of voices, ages, and genders to represent our town. We have no reason to be frightened of change - we can keep moving forward together. But to do that, we need fresh leadership at the local level.

Please make sure you vote on Tuesday, Nov 5th- ALL residents of Pelham can vote in this town election.


Senator Alessandra Biaggi

New York, District 34

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