Pelham Manor officials extended the period for comment on the proposed cell tower at the Hutchinson River Parkway Exit 7 to 5:00pm, Tuesday, August 27— the day after the Village Board's Monday, August 26 meeting. Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey also wrote a letter opposing the proposal (A copy is with this article as a downloadable PDF.).

Jacqueline Phillips Murray, Esq., the representative for the company proposing to install a proposed 120 ft. cellular tower to be located at Exit 7 on the Hutchinson River Parkway, had said comments on the proposal should be sent to her by this Friday, Aug. 2. The tower would be located at the intersection of Boston Post Road. Ms. Murray told Village officials on Monday that she had received 7 comment emails from members of the public (2 in support of the project).

In her letter, Mayor Lapey said many residents and Board members expressed concerns about the proposal at the Village Board meeting on July 22. These concerns, she said, "ncluded the lack of demonstrated need for the facility (whether it was a coverage issue or a capacity issue), the visual blight and nuisance created by the structure, the future viability of the technology it would support, and the negative impact it would have on Pelham Manor property values and the community's historic structures and viewscape, as well as health concerns."

Mayor Lapey attached with her letter a PDF (also with this article) of the Pelham preservation and Garden Society's report on the historic significance of Pelham Manor's Four Corners and surrounding areas.

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