To the Pelham Community:

It is very distressing to have to address these unfortunate Incidents of anti Semitism and religious bigotry again so soon. more innocent people who are just practicing their religious beliefs and celebrating their religious holidays now are either seriously wounded or have tragically died.

This horrible intolerance of each other must come to an end. We cannot accept these facts of growing anti-Semitic behavior and religious persecution of Christians any longer.

We must set an example for everywhere else in the world that we can tolerate each other, find common ground between each of us. We need to stop looking for what divides us and start discovering what brings us together and what we have in common. We can grow when we work together but will fail when we stand divided.

There is no place in our society for religious intolerance, anti-Semitism, racism, and prejudice. As the present Town Supervisor of Pelham (I will retire December 31, 2019), a devout Christian (Catholic), I proudly stand with my fellow Christians and our friends and members of the Jewish community to denounce all forms of prejudice and religious intolerance. We mourn their losses.

Peter DiPaola

Pelham Town Supervisor

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