Closing Campaign Statement of Town Council Candidate Michelle Perillo Marcellino:

We are down to the wire and the time is upon us to vote and make our voices heard for how we want to see our town run. I hope I can count on your support and vote on Tuesday, November 5. There are a myriad of reasons I decided to run for Town Council. I would like to take this last opportunity before you vote to share the highlights of why I believe I am best suited for this role:

Pelham then and now. Pelham past. Pelham now. Pelham’s future. You have to consider this trifecta when in this Town Council role. The knowledge of this great town’s past, coupled with volunteering and living in the “now” here, make me a strong, well-equipped candidate to positively impact Pelham’s future.

I don’t take sides. That doesn’t make me indecisive, it makes me open minded. What I mean by this is I am not tied to one extreme or the other. I listen, then I listen some more. I am not fast to speak; I hear all sides of the equation and then weigh in with a strategic, well-thought-out action plan to approach a task or problem. I have a proven track record in doing this, and doing it well, in my professional career that spans over two decades.

The high road is the only road. I have run my campaign with this at the core of all I did. This was not a strategy; it is in my DNA and at a driving force in both my personal and professional lives. I lead by example and this is how I guide both my team and children to act.

Hands-on. Head-up. Heartfelt. I have taken on many volunteer roles in Pelham; I roll my sleeves up and do what it takes to get the job done. I believe in keeping my head up and focusing on the goal, not getting derailed by unnecessary distractions. I do this all with an incredible love for and pride in this amazing town of Pelham.

Impactful difference. This election is not about status. It’s about making an impactful difference for the town that has given me -- given us -- so much.

Positively Pelham. That’s the bottom line here. We all have a common shared interest and love here. And that’s keeping Pelham positively amazing. We can all agree on that.

Vote; encourage your neighbors and friends to as well. You can vote for me and Team Pelham on the Republican, Independence, or Conservative party lines.  Please vote to re-elect me (Town Council) and John Dechiaro (Town Justice).  Please vote to elect Dan McLaughlin (Town Supervisor), Blake Bell (Town Council), and Antoinette Clemente (Town Clerk). 

Thank you!

Michelle Perillo Marcellino

Candidate for Town Council

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