The Village of Pelham issued this notice to current parking permit holders considering 2020 renewlas and pointing out that renewals will only be done electronically with Passport. The policay does NOT include the permits located in the MTA Lot handled by LAZ parking.

Here is the notice for holders of Village of Pelham parking lot permits:

Dear Current Parking Permit Holder:

The 2020 process for renewing permits WILL ONLY be done electronically with Passport, a new platform used by the Village of Pelham. Please note this permit is paperless and once you purchase it online, the police department will be notified that you have a valid permit. User may list up to three cars on each permit, but please note that only one car may be parked in the lots at a given time.

*There is a very high demand for parking permit spaces. If you do not renew by the deadline (Dec. 31st 2019), your permit will not be renewed and your space will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

As a current parking permit holder, you will be able to renew your permit online. The online service will go live on December 2, 2019. You will have until December 31, 2019 to renew your permit. You must apply for the lot you are currently in. If you apply for a different lot your application will be denied and you could lose your current spot. If you were on a waiting list for a different lot you will still be on that list and will be contacted by email when your name comes up and a spot is available.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Go to the following link:

2. Follow the instructions to set up an account

3. The renewal must include current proof of residency for the person that the car is registered to (lease or utility bill), a copy of the permit holder’s driver’s license and a copy of the permit holder’s vehicle registration. All of this information must be uploaded into the system. Incomplete application packages will not be processed. Permits are not transferable from one person to another.

4. After the application is received you will receive a confirmation email, then once it is approved and processed by the Village, you will receive another email notice that you must then return to the system to pay for your parking within two days of approval.

The fees are the same as the current fees. There is a $3.00 credit card processing fee that will be added at checkout.

Thank you for your cooperation and please don’t miss the deadline!


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