By Richard Heller

The weather prediction for November is mid sixties and not much rain. Plants will still be using water under these conditions and with low rainfall predicted may suffer for lack thereof. So it may be a little early to winterizie irrigation systems.

Though many trees are dropping their leaves, you may note that perennials and flowering shrubs like roses are still blooming. Indeed, lawns, the neediest members of any garden are actually still growing when normally they will be dormant this time of year.

If you have irrigation leave it on at least until mid November. Pending a radical change in the weather your landscape will still need water as growth is still going on. If your irrigations system is off or you don't have one consider running a hose driven sprinkler a couple of days a week. With the cooler weather the plants wont need as much water, but they will be thirsty. Fertilizing your shrubs lightly would not hurt them at this time.

Though it is going to be warmer and truly ideal New England weather this November avoid pruning and trimming if possible. You dont want to over stimulate your landscape and it will be going dormant in a few weeks. Do consider transplanting and planting as now is the ideal time for this kind of work.

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