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By George Williams

(A.G. Williams Painting Company)

Every season brings new fashions and colors to men’s and women’s clothing, and the same holds true for paints. Especially in the spring, paint companies introduce their new colors and predict the hottest trends in color for the inside and outside of a home.

A new paint job is the perfect spring makeover. Changing the color of a home’s interior or exterior freshens things up, injects new life into a tired home, or even creates an entirely new look without having to renovate or redecorate. Paint colors are a very quick and cost-effective way to make this happen.

“This year promises to be bold,” says Liane Rigano, color consultant and account representative at A.G. Williams Painting Company, a third-generation business headquartered in Pelham. “Pantone Paints named Emerald, Lemon Zest, Poppy Red and Nectarine as hot colors for Spring 2013, while Benjamin Moore also went with yellows and oranges by choosing Lemon Sorbet and Peachy Keen.”

But just like with fashion, trendy colors may not be for everyone, especially if they are particularly bright or unusual. That doesn’t mean saying no to a new paint job. Many paint colors remain popular and available year after year. Homeowners who like this year’s hot colors, but not for an entire wall, can repaint walls in a more neutral color and then add pop with colorful pillows and accessories. Bright and bold colors also can be used to accent one wall of a room or create interest on the exterior trim of the house.

Homeowners often are afraid of committing to color. That is why the most popular paint colors are variations of white or beige. However, the great thing about color is that it can be changed quickly and often. In fact, today’s primers easily cover over wall colors, making it a breeze to make a switch. The added benefit is that a new color scheme can help homeowners and renters feel more “at home” in their home. Thinking of putting the house on the market? A fresh coat of interior or exterior paint can increase the value of a home and enhance its curb appeal.

With so many colors to choose from, homeowners may find themselves staring at a rack of paint samples and not knowing what to choose or even where to begin. This is where a trained color consultant can help. A.G. Williams Painting Company offers a professional color consultation for interior and exterior painting projects to help homeowners select colors to complement their décor and setting. Color consultants will then purchase and apply any samples that the homeowner wants to try before making a color commitment.  

Think about how good it feels to wear a new outfit or perk up an older one with new accessories. A spring makeover with a new paint job brings new life to a home and new excitement to those who live in it.

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