Marc Underhill is my grandson. "Auggie" is his first movie . It will be shown in the Greenwich , CT film festival (as well as others throughout the States and abroad). Thought this might make either your "Have you Heard"......or wherever else you have space and time to put it. If you need more info, either call or email me. I asked Marc for the summary, which is below, along with the dates of the showing.

Cheers, Clue

"Auggie," a sci-fi/drama feature film that is theĀ the debut film from Matt Kane and Marc Underhill, will be screened with Q&A's at the 5th Annual Greenwich International Film Festival as a Centerpiece film next Wednesday, May 29 at 7pm in at the Avon Theatre in Stamford (tickets here) and Saturday, June 1 at 12:30pm at the Bow Tie Cinemas in Greenwich (tickets here).

Marc Underhill is a grandson od Clue Noble, a longtime resident of Pelham. Tom Morrissey of Pelham can be seen as a featured background actor in the opening retirement scene.

The film starsĀ  Richard Kind (Argo, Spin City, Mad About You), Susan Blackwell (The Post, Margin Call, Broadway's [Title of Show]) and newcomer Christen Harper. Kind plays Felix Greystone, a lonely man forced into early retirement who receives a pair of augmented reality smart glasses and falls in love with the digital companion they project (Harper), to the detriment of his relationship with his wife (Blackwell) and daughter.

The film marks the debut film from Matt Kane and Marc Underhill. Kane co-wrote/directed/produced alongside Underhill who co-wrote/produced/edited. Production took place in Marc's hometown of Fairfield, CT. Funding for the film was crowdfunded on Seed&Spark, with major support coming from the NY/CT area.

Tickets to the May 29 event are available at

Tickets to the June 1 event are available at

More information about the film can be found at and on their social media pages (FB/Instagram/Twitter @auggiemovie).

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