Sarah Reynolds Reflection Oil Painting 16x20.

Pelham Art Center's annual "Student Showcase" exhibition closes August 11.

This annual exhibition features new work in a variety of mediums by the Art Center’s enthusiastic students. Exhibited work is for sale and ranges from charcoal to oils, photographs to collage, and ceramics to animation project reels. This exhibition provides an opportunity to collect original art from emerging artists and to view the results from the wide variety of classes offered by the Pelham Art Center.

Since its founding in 1970, the Pelham Art Center has grown to include course offerings that embrace new media while continuing to provide instruction in traditional techniques. From beginners to accomplished artists, students of all ages who want to explore their creative potential have flourished by taking classes at Pelham Art Center. Over a thousand students, from three to ninety-plus years old, attended 135 visual art classes and workshops offered at the Art Center this past year.

This year, the exhibition will include pieces by:

Carolyn Antoine, Ilene Bellovin, Leslie Boden, Kathryn Buckley, Anthony Cardillo, Rita Carsten-Hall, Paulette Coleman, Sophia Creo, Joy Dunleavy, Gigiola Florez-Rocha, Lorraine Furtick, Marlene Furtick, Lisa Garofano, Vivienne Gioia-Wakefield, Harriet Goldberg, Livia Gus, John Hall, Alejandra Hernandez, Surekha Jayawickrama, Lori Kapner Hosp, Phil Klein, Mia Mendoza, Carleen Murdoch, Susan Mutti, Geri Nasser, Susan Nathenson, Laura Platt Weinstock, Elaine Prager, Sarah Reynolds, Jane Rothman, Renée Rozenberg, Nydia Sancho, Anupma Sethi, Arthur Spadafora, Vivienne Valentine, Olivia Verdi, Barbara Wygoda, Gwynne Youngs, and more!


Pelham Art Center will presents a free Chamber Music Concert on Sunday, August 11th from 2:00-4:00pm to accompany the Student Showcase. Chamber musicians Andrew Pak, Annaliesa Place, and Diego Garcia will perform classical pieces including the Four Seasons piano trio by Piazzolla for the community in the Art Center Gallery.

The Faculty Exhibition will come to the Pelham Art Center Gallery in August. The exhibition will feature work by the Art Center’s distinguished instructors in their respective mediums.

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