The Colombian Dance Company of New York, located in Queens,will perform June 23, 2019 at the White Plains Performing Arts Center, featuring “The Colors of Colombia” at: 11 City Place, White Plains. Tickets are available at (914) 328-1600

The Colombian Dance Company of New York was formerly known as the Mestizo Dance Company, with the term “Mestizo” referring to the mix of the Spanish, African, and Native Andean blood. For decades, the dance company has been utilizing different types of dance styles and rhythms from the best of Colombian music to develop an especially unique repertoire of performances. Its mission is to educate and create a contagious atmosphere for the new generations of this tradition and for a way of celebrating Latin roots. Community members of all ages are able to enjoy the beautiful music and learn about the culture and traditions of Colombia.

The dance company became a place where all were able to share their love and passion for the dance and rhythm to such dances as, Bambuco, Joropo, Gaita and Cumbia.

With support from the community, the organization transformed into the non-for-profit Colombian Dance Company of New York. It has been about three years since the transition to the Colombian Dance Company and during this time the company continues to present artistic characters of the Colombian Folklore.

The dance company has its own musical group with the musical director Harold Gutierrez, a cast of 20 dancers, singers, extras, choreographers, musical technicians, light technicians, costume designer, make up artists, image consultant, as well as an executive board under the direction of its artistic director Armando Moreno. Multiple artistic recognitions have advanced the dance company to create great performances and have given the company a higher status that highlights as “a feast of the imagination”, “a spirit & passion of the music” & and a “fantasy folklore” to name a few. The highest merit that has been achieved is to have created a complete team of outstanding producers, dancers with the best disposition of love for the art. Considering the large metropolis where we live, the daily routine, and the stress from everyday life, we all find space and time to dispel and enjoy since most of us work and study and some do both. The last production was at the Symphony Space Theater in New York City with “AfroColombia”, where a tribute to our heritage and African roots was performed. At the moment we are preparing for our next production “The Colors of Colombia” making a trek thru the various regions, living with the pride for the homeland.

Marie Rosell of Pelham is among supporters promoting the show in White Plains.

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