Nineteen restaurants serving their signature dishes, event sponsor Blue Dog Wines & Spirits, music by a student band called Backwater Groove and accolades for honoree Town Supervisor Peter DiPaola will all be part of Tastings XV on Sunday, Oct. 20 at Pelham Country Club.

The Rotary Club of the Pelhams sponsors this annual event to raise funds for the Gift of Life program to support children from foreign countries who need life saving heart operations that are performed in their own country or here in the U.S. Tastings proceeds also support children's programs locally in the Pelham area, including CPR training of middle school and high school students.

Tastings XV is a “gastronomical FUN-raiser” that will be held on Sunday October 20th from 4 to 7pm at the Pelham Country Club. Tickets ($100 per person) or donations can be made at the Rotary Club website at

Town Supervisor Peter M. DiPaola, a Pelham Rotarian and recipient of the Rotary’s prestigious Paul Harris Fellow award, was chosen as the Tastings XV 2019 Honoree because of his distinguished leadership in the community over several years.

“We are extremely proud to be honoring fellow Rotarian Peter DiPaola." said Rotary past President Lyn Roth-Jacobs. "His leadership and participation in numerous programs and initiatives have consistently represented the Rotary in helping those in need… particularly children.”

Betty Bucher, Chair of the Tastings XV Committee continued, “Peter and his family have a rich Pelham legacy of enhancing the quality of life of our residents - both individuals and families. This is a long overdue acknowledgement of a very special person.”

Serving Pelham as a true humanitarian for the past 40 years, Peter’s distinguished contributions have made a difference in the lives of many. He is extremely proud to have been raised in Pelham, and then “paying it forward” to the community he loves so much. Through his tireless altruistic and selfless work - whether it is his years volunteering for various charitable organizations or serving in local government - Peter’s virtues of fairness, compassion and commitment, with his intuitive business acumen has helped create programs and initiatives that have made significant differences in our entire Town. In doing so, he redefined the landscape of local politics, by virtually keeping “politics” out of the positions and offices he held. His strategic and creative programs - backed by an exemplary work ethic - have resulted in policies and principles that exist in our community and government today.

Peter’s accomplishments include the following:

• Member of the Rotary Club of the Pelhams

• Recipient of the 2019 Rotary Paul Harris Fellow

• Member of the Pelham Civic Association

• 2019 Grand Marshall of the Pelham Memorial Day Parade

• Member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church & Usher Society

• Volunteered on Pelham’s “Sod Squad” to refurbish and build new athletic fields

• Member of Pelham Chamber of Commerce (Vice President)

• Member of PACT

• Pelham Little League Coach

• Pelham Soccer Coach

• Pelham Town Supervisor (2011 to present) responsible for of the operations of the Town of Pelham, including Recreation Department, Town-wide ambulance, Town Court, tax collection for all Pelham taxing authorities, maintain emergency shelters, Pelham Public Library and animal control.

• Pelham Town Councilman (2004-2010) served as Library Liaison and oversaw the upgrade and renovation of Library, and directed all Town of Pelham facilities and had oversight of all major projects

• Mayor of the Village of Pelham Manor (2001-2003) In charge of the government operations in Pelham Manor and formulated projects such as the BJ's shopping Plaza mall, the revitalization of the multi acre "Shore Park" green space, playground and jogging path.

• Police Commissioner of the Village of Pelham Manor (1999 - 2001) Monitored the operations of the department on a weekly basis making sure the morale of the men was positive and the public treated courteously. The Commissioner needs to maintain the integrity of the department at all times

• Pelham Manor Fire Commissioner (1997- 1999) Made sure the men, both paid and volunteers had all required equipment to properly perform their duties and protect our residents, and dealt with the relations between both departments volunteer and paid.

• Pelham Manor Commissioner of Public Works (1995-1997) Dealt on a weekly basis with the Sanitation Department, Sewer Department and Parks Department, including overseeing all major street projects.

• Pelham Manor Trustee with oversight of Finance and Administration Planning (1993-1995) Reviewed the Village financial operations weekly, also would monitor work performance of administrative personnel, and reviewed State audits.

• Pelham Manor Planning Board (1991) Reviewed plans submitted for new construction especially in the commercial district, and recommend them to the zoning board for further review or to the Board of Trustees

Peter and his wife Julieta have three children and six grandchildren:

Julie Marie

Peter Jr. & Julianna (Lily, Jake & Matthew)

Billy & Anne (Billy, Michael & Fiona)

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