SOOP Theatre Arts Repertory presents "Chicago - High School Edition: this Thursday and through the weekend.

Cast A

The Company:

Nicolette Mancini~Meredith Heller~Charles Pedorella~Oliver Tam~Natalie Pursel~Emma Koonce~Vikram Jallepalli~Aidan Zusin~Ella Burns~Allison Lange~Ava Pedorella~Katy Lange~Lydia Whalen~John Gould~Annabelle Zusin~Elizabeth Zusin~Davi Schulman~Simone Dean


Thursday, 10/17 @ 8pm

Friday, 10/18 @ 8pm

Saturday, 10/19 @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday, 10/20 @ 2pm

Cast B

The Company:

Vanessa Rosado~Emma McNulty~Brian McFarland~Austin Kelly~Emilie Kelly~Isabella Rosado~Andrew Kelly~Theo Massie-Vereker~Samantha Min~Alexandra Parker~Leila Brady~Olivia Pollock~Allison Feldman~John Gould~Sina Reiner-Holm~Courtney Valente~Abigail Miyake


Thursday, 10/24 @ 8pm

Friday, 10/25 @ 8pm

Saturday, 10/26 @ 2pm & 8pm

Sunday, 10/27 @ 2pm

All performances at its studio at 530 Fifth Avenue, Pelham. For tickets, visit

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