Here is the list of OLPH - St. Catharine's First Holy Communicants in April & May:

Kiri Augeri

Marco Battaglia

Oliver Brown

Alexandre Caillate

Nicholas Caiola

Lilliana Calzolaio

Christopher Carmody

Gino Clemente

Brook Conroy

Griffin Crotty

Chase D'Agostino

Seamus Day

John De Cicco

Lilly DeDona

Lea DeMatteo-Krentsa

Liliana Di Luozzo

Elizabeth Dorneles

Ryah Egan

Taylor Ferrara

Charlotte Frost

Paul Gallagher

William Gallagher

Grace Gallivan

Nina Garry

Josephine Gilmartin

Luca Giuseppi

Natalie Glover

Andrew Gomprecht

Brianna Guraj

Kathleen Halligan

Audrey Hanlon

Fiona Henry

Constantine Herrera-Murphy

Charollte Hong

Miles Hong

Katey Jenner

Addison Keating

Jakob Klossner

Parker Levengood

Jack Lonergan

Mikaela Marcellino

Francesca Marcellino

Vincent Marion

Gavin McGeever

Andrew McGibbon

Gavin McGrever

Arthur Henry Meehan

William Mingey

Brendan Molineaux

John Monaghan-Morris

Matteo Morselli

Joseph Motta

Ava Nardozzi

Molly Occhiuto

Colin O'Neil

Gabryela Pace

Chloe Parmiter

Giovanni Polenzani

Carl Reynolds

Shea Rosa

Riley Rosa

Salvatore Russo

Joseph Rutigliano

Aaron Sgobbo

Paige Shinnefield

Isabel Spain

Jane Stamp

Nicholas Starvatow

Jillian Stephens

Owen Taylor

Isla Taylor

Anthony ter Haar

Emily Torina

Alice VillaGomez

Francesca Vitarello

Parker Webb

Aiden Williams

Max Wolfgang

Maame Yeboah

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