Rev. Jacob Bolton

Rev. Jacob Bolton, Associate Pastor of Huguenot Memorial Church in Pelham Manor, has been named Associate Pastor for Christian Formation at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Alexandria, Virginia, a historic community of faith of around 1,100 members.

As one of four clergy at the church, Rev. Bolton will oversee the Nursery School, Sunday School, Adult Education and overall Christian Formation activities. While at Huguenot Memorial Church the past nine years, his duties were pastoral but also focused on youth activities, including weekly meetings of middle school and high school students from the entire Pelham community, mission trips to Nicaragua, field trips, guest speakers and more.

The Pelham community outside Huguenot knew the red-haired Rev. Bolton through his participation in the Pelham Interfaith Council (serving as president 2012-13), participating in the annual Town's 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies and other special events and wearing a straw hat as he played trumpet with the Sunday Band in the Huguenot Cabaret.

The Rev. Bolton was ordained at Huguenot Memorial Church in January 2011, a few months after he was called to join the church as an Associate Pastor.

He and his wife Sue, who was employed by the NYC Police Department, lived next door to the church at 909 Pelhamdale Avenue. They have moved to Arlington, Va and enrolled their two children in school— Joe, 7, in second grade in a public school and Mary, who is almost 4, in a nursery school in a synagogue.

Rev. Bolton will help lead worship at Huguenot Memorial Church this Sunday, Sept. 8 and again on Rally Day, Sept. 15 before leaving permanently for Virginia.

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