The Pelham Civic Association is appealing for donations to its "Help a Child, Change a Life" program to assist Pelham students who come from economically challenged households to gain access to learning tools, skill development experiences and social support services.

"Our program reaches a very targeted and surprisingly large group of students in our community," said Richard Davidian, chairman of the program, adding: "The results to date have been excellent. We are getting great reviews from our School Administrators, Principals, Teachers & Counselors."

Here are some of the tangible results from the students who have received the funding:

• Special SAT/ACT tutoring programs for Juniors and Seniors resulting in significant increases in their scores.

• After-school interventions for elementary school students who were once performing far below benchmark, and were now performing at benchmark and beyond.

• Extended Academy (Middle School) and Academy Plus (High School) for deserving students who were failing many classes. Dedicated rooms with teacher(s) who are prepared to assist students with their studies and homework. Significant academic improvement was achieved with some students going from failing to achieving honor and high honor roll distinction. Significant changes were also observed in behavior (which benefits the entire class), self-esteem as well as their approach to studies.

• Rental instruments and art supplies to students who want to expand their artistic talents.

• Juniors and Seniors to attend college courses during the academic year and summer.

• Drawdown funds for college applications and SAT fees so these were no longer a determining factor in the number of schools one applies to.

• “College Visits” for students who would be the first in their family to apply to college.

Mr. Davidian added:

"We are pleased with our success, but recognize that we barely penetrated the number of students and the scope of support we can provide to give them the opportunity for the success they deserve.

"Each and every one of these kids is relying on us to come through. It is because of your benevolence, and the generosity of the entire community, that this program is more than just a good idea. It is a reality! And imagine, this is just the beginning.

To make a tax deductible donation to "Help a Child, Change a Life" visit

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