The Parish of Christ The Redeemer will host a conversation with The Rev. Canon K. Jeanne Person this Thursday, October 24th at 7 pm about creating a nurturing home life while members of the household have different faiths.

The Adult Christian Learning Ministry of Christ Church is excited to welcome The Rev. Person as its fall speaker. Ms. Person will be talking about the blessings and challenges of home life when the members of a household have different faith backgrounds and beliefs. Married for almost 25 years to Kamal Abdullah, who was born in Iraq and raised in a Muslim family, she has first-hand knowledge of how differences in religion can shape a marriage and family life. As an Episcopal priest and the Canon for Pastoral Care in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, she also comes to us steeped in interfaith work, both as a pastoral counselor and as a religious leader committed to interfaith dialogue.

The evening will invite all to consider questions like: What do family holidays and traditions look like in our home? What are the expectations of my parents as I raise my own children? How will my family celebrate faith-based milestones, such as confirmations and mitzvahs, to make everyone happy? What about our ecumenical differences? “Food too, is a big issue with interfaith families,” Canon Person said. “For example, the daughter of the Episcopal Bishop of New York is married to someone from a Hindu family who are vegetarians. That complicated the wedding plans!”

Canon Person chose to attend Harvard Divinity School for her first degree in divinity, rather than an Episcopal seminary, because she desired an interfaith education. At a theological school, people of many faith traditions are drawn to the study of religion and formation for ministry together. She wished to honor her husband’s faith and cultural background, and to take the experiences in her education into her future ministries. For example, in her pastoral work, she now listens and counsel people of all faiths. She also sits on the Episcopal-Muslim Relations Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Doors open at Christ Church, 1415 Pehamdale Avenue, Pelham, NY on October 24th at 6:30 pm for light refreshments. The program will begin at 7 pm. A brief Q&A will be followed by group conversations, ending at 9 pm. A suggested donation of $10 per person would be appreciated. All are welcome!

For more information, contact Cathie Arquilla or call her at 917-545-0269.

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