Photos by Deborah Karson and Todd Cross

By Joe Nunziata

For the 5th consecutive year, Project Community’s two-part fundraising weekend event – known as the Color Run - captured the spirit and imagination of young and old in the Town of Pelham and this year raised more than $40,000.

It began on Saturday evening May 18 at a Kick-Off Party held at the Solimine’s Meridian Risk Management building at 1 Wolf Lane. The next morning, more than 700 individuals and families – kids and parents – runners and walkers – took to the tree-lined streets and proceeded to be doused from head to toe with different colored powders in Pelham’s paint race.

According to Justin O'Beirne, Daniel Tahbaz, and Stephen Tahbaz, the student volunteers who helped spearhead the run, “This year's Project Community Color Run was the largest ever. This 2.5 mile fun-run had more than 700 runners and helped to raise more than $40,000 for Project Community Inc. This would not have been possible without the Board Members of Project Community, sponsors, volunteers, and participants.”

Once again, New York Football Giant Super Bowl star Zak DeOssie was the race’s Official Starter and also participated in the fun run with his family!

Project Community, Inc. formerly was Nurses Network when co-founded 34 years ago by Dr. Anne Frost, who defines its mission this way: ”Project Community has created a compass for many individuals and families - from children to teenagers to teen mentors - to navigate through a world of many challenges. We successfully bring together an exemplary model of nurses working in conjunction with the talent of community leaders in healthcare, business, education, and volunteerism. The community-based programs have inspired and encouraged countless children and families who have benefited from this initiative. The Color Run is one of our ways to reach out and get noticed, with all the proceeds supporting and sustaining our major projects”.

These dynamic projects include:

PROJECT C.H.I.L.D.D.  (Community Helping In Learning about Developmental Disabilities)

• Furnishes children with special needs (ages 3-18) a social network and creative expression through art

• Provides dedicated teen mentors who foster important social relationships

• Allows parents and siblings the “gift of time”

• Offers four community locations in Westchester and the Bronx


• Corrects the myths of alcohol poisoning

• Provides strategies including bystander intervention to prevent injuries and save lives

• Reaches more than 3,000 teens annually for binge drinking

• To date, the program has been presented to an astounding 150 schools!


• Corrects myths about sexual assault

• Clarifies the meaning of consent

• Provides strategies for bystander intervention

• Is offered as a companion program to Rewind I in school settings

(These two “Rewind” Programs include video presentations that demonstrate catastrophic scenarios that are “rewound” to show positive outcomes when the proper steps are taken. They also remind us that in real life there no “rewind buttons”.)

For more information on how you can participate and contribute to Project Community, visit,

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