With the assisance of a New York State $25,000 grant to Pelham Together facilitated by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Pelham Together sponsored an expanded summer internship program for teens in Pelham.

The program begins with a two-day retreat that focuses on leadership, communication, and job readiness skill building. Upon the completion of the training, teens are paired with local organizations which act as mentors during a three-week paid internship. Participating mentors are diverse in experience and sector, based in Pelham, in greater Westchester and New York City. They include real estate, theater, trades, various businesses, Pelham government and civic organizations, and Pelham Public Schools. The interns meet weekly to connect and share experiences with one another and receive ongoing support.

At a recent intern meeting, Assemblywoman Paulin had the opportunity to address the teens directly. She told them, “This is a perfect way to try different things to find out what you enjoy.” When asked by a teen what she looks for in an intern, Assemblywoman Paulin told them, “be reliable, be upbeat and enthusiastic, and ask questions.” She emphasized the importance of trying different jobs and advocating for yourself in those jobs. “If you see something you’d like to try to do, you should ask.”

Laura Caruso, Executive Director of Pelham Together, said this year is the biggest yet for this program. “The summer internship program grows and evolves every year, with 36 interns this year. It is such a mutually beneficial way for us all to come together in support of Pelham teens, and we are extremely excited to send these interns off to their assignments.”

Local organizations which are interested in learning more about hosting an intern can email jsilvester@pelhamtogether.org or lcaruso@pelhamtogether.org. To read more about the Summer Internship Program please visit https://pelhamtogether.org/summer-internship

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