6/17- Rings Lost


A Pelham resident reported that she lost three precious rings valued together at over $25,000. She believes the rings may have fallen out of her pocket while she was waking in the Pelham Country Club area. (Pelham Manor)


6/18- Larceny

The manager of Five Below reported that a suspect had stolen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from the store. (Pelham Manor)


6/19- Attempted Larceny

A CVS employee reported confronting two males in the store with suspicion of shoplifting. The males reportedly dropped the merchandise they had and exited the store. (Pelham Manor)


6/20- Wallet Lost at Fairway

A victim reported that she lost a $650 Burberry wallet with a $350 Prada wristlet that contained her personal papers and cash at Fairway Market. (Pelham Manor)


6/21- Wallet Lost at BJ's

A victim reported losing her gold colored wallet that read “The struggle is real” which contained her car key, a set of house keys, her personal papers and cash in BJ’s Wholesale Club. (Pelham Manor)


6/21- Checks Lost

A victim reported that he has lost tax refund checks possibly at Pelham Manor Car Wash & Lube. (Pelham Manor)


6/22- iPhone Lost at Dave and Buster's

A victim reported losing a black iPhone X at Dave and Buster’s. (Pelham Manor)


6/23- Wallet Lost at Chase Bank

A victim reported losing his leather wallet containing his bank cards and personal papers in Chase Bank. (Pelham Manor)


6/29- Car Break in

A caller reported that returned to her vehicle parked in the Five Below lot and found that her window had been smashed and her iPhone 7 and pink/black Kate Spade purse containing her Coach wallet had been stolen. (Pelham Manor)


7/01- Accident

A victim reported that someone had struck her vehicle while it was parked in the Post Road Plaza near Home Goods and had then fled. (Pelham Manor)


7/03- Larceny at Storage Post

Officers received a complaint that rented units in the Storage Post had suffered a larceny. (Pelham Manor)


7/07- iPhone Stolen at BJ's

A victim reported that his iPhone 8 Plus was stolen while he was in BJ’s Wholesale Club. He went to retrieve the phone at the customer service desk in the store, but he was told that someone had already claimed it. (Pelham Manor)


7/06- iPhone Lost at Chipolte

A victim reported that she lost her iPhone 5 in a black case in Chipotle. (Pelham Manor)


7/09- Larceny Arrest

Officers announce the arrest of a suspect for stealing money through fraudulent returns, a Purdue deep fryer, multiple FitBits and an iPad. (Pelham Manor)


Reports collected by Charlotte Edmunds

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