12/23- Credit Card Fraud

A victim reported that two unauthorized transactions (both of approximately $200) were made from his debit card. He is still in possession of his card so people are unsure how the thief obtained his information. (Pelham Manor)

12/23- Package Stolen

A victim stated that a package containing a box of peppermint bark and a gingerbread candle (totaling around $40) had been stolen from her home on Manor Circle. The package was later recovered, empty, in the area of the Pelham golf course. (Pelham Manor)

12/23- Arrest on Driver's License Suspension and Marijuana

Officers arrested a male whose driver’s license had been suspended and was driving down Fifth Avenue. The officers also found that he was in possession of marijuana. (Pelham)

12/24- Fraud

A victim reported that a check for $3,650 was cashed along with several transfers totaling approximately $80,000 without his permission. (Pelham)

12/24- Larceny

An employee of 24 Hour Fitness reported the theft of four sets or Bluetooth wireless earbuds (totaling $100) from the headphone display on the counter at the front desk. (Pelham Manor)

12/24- Credit Card Fraud

A victim reported that she received an alert from Bank of America stating that her checking account had been overdrawn. She proceeded to look for her card and realized it was missing. Someone had withdrawn $500 cash from her checking account. The victim last reported seeing her card when she mad a purchase at a Stop and Shop. (Pelham Manor)

12/25- Lottery tickets Stolen

Officers responded to the alarm of Mobil Gas Station on Lincoln Avenue and found that a suspect had stolen $250 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets from the store. (Pelham)

12/26- Mailed Check Forgery

A victim reported a forged check to officers. He said that he had mailed a Bank of America check in the amount of $250 in the mailbox at Wolf’s Lane and Esplanade. Later, the victim was notified that someone had tried to cash a possibly fraudulent check. The check had been changed to be taken out under another name for $1,400. (Pelham Manor)

12/27- Car Hit and Run

A victim reported that her car that was parked in the lot of Home Goods had been hit when she was inside. There was damage to her passenger side rear. (Pelham Manor)

12/27- Car Break-in

A caller reported that her vehicle parked on Randall Place had been left unlocked overnight and someone had entered her vehicle and left the glove box open and its contents on the passenger seat and floor. The only item that was missing was the registration and insurance card for the vehicle. (Pelham Manor)

Reports collected by Charlotte Edmunds

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