Here are Police Reports 5/20- 6/16:

5/20- Cash Theft At Manor Auto
An employee at Manor Auto Service Center reported that someone stole $180 in cash from the office desk. (Pelham Manor)

5/22- Property Damage from Thrown Rock
A Pelham resident reported that someone threw a rock through her window on her house on Witherbee Avenue, and caused $2,000 in damage. (Pelham Manor)

5/24- Accident
A victim stated that her vehicle was struck while she was sitting inside of it in the parking lot of Fairway Market. (Pelham Manor)

5/26- Accident
A victim reported that her vehicle was struck while she was parked in the lot at Dave and Busters. (Pelham Manor)

5/26- Car Keyed
A victim reported that her car was keyed while it was parked in the Dave and Busters parking lot, causing $250 of damage. (Pelham Manor)

5/27- Purse Stolen at Dollar Tree
A victim reported that her purse was stolen from her shopping cart while she was at the Dollar Tree. (Pelham Manor)

5/28- Larceny 
The manager of BJs Wholesale reported that he believed an employee has stolen $1,588 from the store. (Pelham Manor)

5/29- Larceny
A CVS employee reported that two men stole over $200 of Red Bull. (Pelham Manor)

5/31- Drug/Alcohol Arrest
Officers report the arrest on Shore Road of a female for possession of drugs and narcotics.  (Pelham Manor)

6/04- DWI Arrest
Officers report the arrest of a male for driving while intoxicated at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Sixth Street. (Pelham)

6/06- Wallet Found
A resident reported finding a black wallet containing $1.35 on Fifth Avenue. (Pelham)

6/05- Larceny Arrest
Officers announce the arrest of a suspect for shattering the window of a delivery vehicle and stealing $400 worth of tools from the truck. (Pelham Manor)

6/06- Vehicle Break-in Arrest in Library Parking Lot
Officers announce the arrest of a male for breaking into a vehicle parked in the library parking lot. (Pelham Manor)

6/15- Property Found
A resident reported that she found a vehicle registration card on the front lawn of her house on Fourth Avenue. (Pelham)

6/16- Bike Found
A caller reported that he observed a bike leaning against a village sign unlocked n Sparks Avenue. The rear tire was flat and petly off its rim. (Pelham)

Reports collected by Charlotte Edmunds

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