11/11- Robbery Attempt

The mother of a victim reported that her son had been riding his bike down Wynnewood Road when he was approached by a man who demanded that he empty his pockets. The victim was able to fend off the suspect who lunges at him when he refused to empty his pockets. (Pelham Manor)

11/11- Wallet Stolen

An employee at the Pelham Manor Car Wash & Lube stated that she dropped her $150 red wallet containing $85 in cash, a health insurance card, her driver license and credit cards while at work and it was stolen. Video footage depicts a man picking up the wallet and then driving away in his vehicle. (Pelham Manor)

11/11- Wallet Found

A caller reported finding a woman’s grey wallet containing personal papers, $51 in cash, and credit cards in Fairway Market. (Pelham Manor)

11/12- Fraud

A Pelham resident reported that an unknown person cashed two checks (totaling over $3,000) and withdrew $550 from his wife’s bank account. (Pelham)

11/13- Larceny

A caller reported that her vehicle parked on Highbrook Avenue had bee rifled through and $10 worth of change had been taken from it. (Pelham)

11/15- Burglary

A resident received a call from his babysitter who suspected that his house on Hazen Street had been burglarized. The babysitter found a kitchen drawer to be open and the side door in the mudroom to be open and a window at the rear of the house to be open. Upon further investigation, officers found that $100, a jewelry box filled with various jewelry, a Heuer watch and a Movado watch, and a debut card had been stolen from the residence. (Pelham Manor)

Reports collected by Charlotte Edmunds

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