12/14- Violin Stolen

A victim reported that his $350 violin was stolen from Hutchinson School. (Pelham)

12/16- Wallet Found

A caller reported that she found a brown leather wallet containing personal papers at the curb on Lincoln Avenue near TD bank at Fifth Avenue. (Pelham)

12/17- iPod Found

A caller turned in an iPod she had found in the area of Wolfs Lane and Second Street East. (Pelham)

12/17- Vehicle Hit and Run

A caller stated that someone had hit his employee's car earlier that day when it was parked on West Street and fled the scene. (Pelham Manor)

12/17- Theft from Vehicle on Carol Place

A victim reported that someone had stolen a $100 purse, a South Korean passport, a NYS driver license, $100 sunglasses, a $500 winter jacket, a $15  backpack and multiple credit cards from his vehicle parked on Carol Place. (Pelham Manor)

12/17- Burglary Attempt

A caller stated that he witnessed a man trying to load a four wheeler into the trunk of a gray minivan. When the man saw the caller watching, he sped off and left the four wheeler behind. Upon further investigation, officers found that the four wheeler belonged to the manager of the Witherbee Court who had not given anyone permission to take it. It was also discovered that his garage on Witherbee was ajar and wore signs of forced entry. The four wheeler has been returned to its rightful owner. (Pelham Manor)

12/18- Arrest of BJ's Employee

Officers report the arrest of an employee at BJs Wholesale Club after he allowed a customer to leave the store without paying for two $500 Visa Vanilla prepaid gift cards. Upon further investigation, officers found that the employee's wallet contained two Visa Vanilla gift cards. (Pelham Manor)

12/19- Package Taken on Hunter

A victim reported that a package had been stolen from the front porch of his house on Hunter Avenue. (Pelham Manor)

12/19- Menacing and Criminal Mischief Arrest

Officers report the arrest of a woman on menacing and criminal mischief charges. Police said someone had honked at her for double parking in the fire lane in the Pelham Manor shopping center. In reply, the woman followed her into and then out of a store and then lunged at the driver's side of the car with a kitchen knife and then stabbed at the driver’s side rear window and front tire. (Pelham Manor)

12/20- Package Taken from Hunter Avenue

A caller reported that theft of a package containing a $176 LEGO set from his front stoop of his house on Hunter Avenue. (Pelham Manor)

12/20- Package Stolen from Priory Lane

A caller reported that a delivered package containing $120 children’s clothing items from her house on Priory Lane. (Pelham Manor)

12/20- Larceny Arrest

Officers report the arrest of a male on charges of petit larceny. The suspect stole a NYS driver license, and three visa gift cards from a recycling bin on Francis Street. (Pelham Manor)

12/20- Fraud

A victim reported that she received a letter in the mail from Orion Portfolio Services LLC which is a debt collecting agency. The letter stated that she had an outstanding debt of almost $900  from a Verizon account which had been opened in her name, even though she had never been a Verizon customer. (Pelham)

Reports collected by Charlotte Edmunds

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