Miriam Ventura

Miriam Ventura with Hero firefighers

By Miriam Ventura

Westchester NY. -According to the circumstances and events that mark life, each one will form their own reference of a hero. In my case, an exacerbated asthma attack (almost fulminant) was the trigger that efficiently summoned my heroes in the Town of Pelham.

In any emergency or dangerous situation, the timely response of paramedics, police, firefighters, is decisive. The only powerful thing about a catastrophe is the heroes who overcome the catastrophe itself. My heroes of flesh and bone they know.

Therefore, when I walk through the Village of Pelham, at any time of day or night I feel protected, safe! I don’t care the stories of racism about the Village, the eccentricities of some of its residents do not matter. If in the rosary, some roses are withered, we put them aside. That’s it!

I think of the heroes we have around the corner.

That's why I love Joe's innocent smile, when he asks me for more muffins, which I prepare with pleasure. It gives me great pleasure to see their faces when the tray in my hands after ringing the Fire Department bell of the of the Village of Pelham Fire House.

I am delighted to talk with them. Because they are heroes who get sick, laugh, cry, have family. Like when I visit the police department with small gifts that they may not need, but I am left with the impression of affection on their faces. They remain patient and well-mannered toward any call from the residents.

Regarding my Pelham firefighters, I enjoy it when they call gourmet my homemade cuisine; they all stand up, happy like children.

(The author is poet and journalist resident in Pelham)

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