5/04- Pickpocketed

A victim reported that he believes he was pickpocketed and someone stole his wallet from him while he was in the Dollar Tree. (Pelham Manor)

5/05- Driving While Intoxicated

A female was arrested for driving while intoxicated after she was found involved in a motor vehicle accident on the corner of Corlies Avenue and First Street. (Pelham)

5/06-Wallet Missing

A victim reported that his black wallet containing $300 in cash was stolen or lost at Panera Bread. (Pelham Manor)

5/07- Larceny

A victim reported that a contract invoice was stolen from The Outlet Furniture Store. (Pelham Manor)

5/09- Larceny

A victim reported that she has left her backpack at Lenny’s Bagels and when she returns a short while later, it was gone. (Pelham Manor)

5/10- Larceny

The owner of Citgo Gas Station reported that $59.27 worth of gas was stolen. (Pelham Manor)

5/11-Bike Found

Officers responded to the report of a black youth mountain bike found on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Second Street in the bushes. (Pelham)

5/15-Arrest at CVS

A man was arrested for stealing merchandise including toothpaste and toothbrushes, valued at over $100 from CVS. (Pelham Manor)

5/18-Theft from Vehicle

A victim reported that $250 prescription sunglasses, a $25 GPS and $5 in spare change were stolen from his vehicle parked on Pelhamdale Avenue. (Pelham)

5/18-Shoplifting at CVS

An employee of CVS reported that two females stole around $299 of lotion, eye cream, body wash and deodorant from the store. (Pelham Manor)

5/19- Wallet Found

A black wallet containing a NYS license and a Chase debit card was found on Fifth Avenue on the sidewalk and handed into the police. (Pelham)

5/20- Larceny

A victim reported that $180 in cash was taken from a desk at Manor Auto. (Pelham Manor)

Reports collected by Charlotte Edmonds

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