Dear Editor:

We write to urge our fellow Pelham voters to support Leah Tahbaz for the Board of Education. Collectively, we have known and served with Leah on the PTA Council, Site-Based Council, the Pelham Education Foundation, the Pelham Children’s Center, Pelham Together, Siwanoy PTA, the Junior League, the District Wellness Committee and Community Cares, and have worked with her as a Novel Night host, among other community-based organizations and projects.

We all strongly believe that Leah is the perfect person for the Board of Education. She is thoughtful, respectful, organized, responsible, an excellent listener and fair-minded. As the mother of four children who have attended or still are in the Pelham schools, Leah is very familiar with the District at every level, both as a parent and through her many school-related volunteer positions.

We know that Leah will not pre-judge; will set aside her personal preferences for the good of the community; will hear out all of the arguments before making a decision; and is able to collaborate, share and disagree while always being polite and kind. We understand that the present Board of Education is very collaborative, and Leah will work well with them, including the two incumbents running for reelection, John Brice and Vinny Mazzaro.

Leah is diligent and hardworking, and has the time and energy to devote to the Board of Education. Leah is also capable of making difficult decisions, but always after thorough research.

Leah is exactly what the Pelham community needs at this time. Please join us in supporting her, and vote on May 21st for Leah Tahbaz for the Pelham Board of Education.

Your neighbors,

Judy Shampanier

Clay Bushong

Jeanne Radvany

Eileen Gregware

Debra Puchalla

Linda Woodward

Romina Levy

Elisa Ulto

Heidi Carey

Eileen Proffitt

Elaine Chang

Stephanie Anderson

Gayle Potter

Everett Potter

Anna Riehl

John Puchalla

Deborah Winstead

Maura Monaghan

Kari Walsh

Marni Pedorella

Colleen Zale

Margo Hastings

Elizabeth Wagner

Michele Anderson

Laura Caruso

Sue Simpson

Sue Mallinson

Maria White

Louise Kelly

Andrea Archibald

Tracey McFarland

Carla Grammatica

Megan Garufi

Amy Conway

Sharene Jones

Andrea Gottfried

Christian Anderson

Claire Allen

Maria Rosell

Kristen Burke

Kate Pringle

Kit Meyer

Amy McNenney

Jen Volpe

Carlo Volpe

Matt Jones

Chris Ronan

Melissa Ronan

Amy Cole

Mike Leak

Erin Ginsburg

Jeff Ginsburg

Annemarie Segaric Garcia

Jennie Driesen

Jeremy Driesen

Melissa Eustace

Dave Radvany

Kristy Rebele

Cece Morrell

Michael Morrell

Jeanmarie Ward

Liz Massie

Ellen Diffley

Henry Driesen

Suzanne Dudek

Mona Gabbay

Michele Roque (Tarazi)

Debbie Korenstein

Michael Glickman

Suzann Michailoff

John Leonard

Leah Leonard

Karen Dukess

Michelle Dvorkin

Julie Roche

Kristin Barsanti

Peter Barsanti

Claire Doyle

Traci Young

Larry Shotkoski

Beth Clausen

Jen Silvester

Seth Jacobs

Marcie Gatchalian

Christina Pinto

Michael Bowen

Jennifer Upton

Marjorie Shaw

Kara McLoughlin

Erin O’Neil

Darius Kingsley

Mary Quintin

Steve Quintin

Marybeth O’Keefe

Michael Plunkett

Beth Talamas

Philip Talamas

Claire Persanis

Kristin Bidwell

Ken Woodward

Chris Fink

Stacey Gaine

Mary Loughman

Haley Childs

Candice Ripoll

Sara Mallach

Michelle O’Connor

Jim Gregware

Anne O’Beirne

Gerard O’Beirne

Courtney O’Beirne

Louise Middleton

Catherine Walsh Taubner

Chris Caruso

Maria Russo

Patricia Smith

Kristen Timmermans

Heather Bushong

Lisa Gugliada

Sanjay Naik

Nandini Anandu

Peter Giarrizzo

Philip Schiffman

Mary Comerford

Betsy Brady

Lisa Koonce

Susan Quintin

Marie Tracy

Bob Tracy

Mark Finegan

Cindy Finegan

Anne Fredbeck

Pam Little

Rizzel Cornachio

Jamie Butler

Kevin Wong

Rosemary Maggiore

Cynthia Jenkins

Garrett Jenkins

Tami Altschiller

Jon Altschiller

Joe Liberatore

Marian Russo Liberatore

Michael Lahn

Lori Lahn

Anthea Perkinson

Jenn Solimine

Lexi Russello

Lisa Teddone

Lisa Kiernan

John Kiernan

Kathleen Morandini

David Rosenberg

Jay Anderson

Cathie Arquilla

Renato Grammatica

Madeline Smith

Sheila Healy

Chris Healy

Barbara Boroson

Joe Rutt

Sam Boroson Rutt

Leana Boroson Rutt

Lawrence Cooke

Catherine Cooke

Moira Moderelli

Carol Murray

John Kuster

Kate Carpenter

Mike Carpenter

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