Student Generation

From WXY Architecure & Urban Design report

A presentation on the WXY Architecture and Urban Design consultants' report on the impact that new downtown Pelham apartment developments will have on school capacity tops the agenda of the Pelham Village Board meeting tonight Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Thep ublic meeting starts at 7:30pm at Village Hall, 175 Sparks Avenue.

WXY Architecture and Urban Design consultants conclude that if all new and proposed downtown Pelham apartment developments are fully leased they will add 29 students and "are expected to have little or no effect on school capacity" in Pelham School District general education classrooms through the 2022-23 school-year.

"We project about one additional child per grade level at the Colonial and Hutchinson elementary schools," the WXY report said.

It said:

"Assuming the 29 new students are distributed proportionally by grade and 95% attend Pelham Union Free School District schools (Pelham UFSD), the following schools would gain students:

- Colonial Elementary: +7 students

- Hutchinson Elementary: +6 students

- Middle School: + 6 students

- High School: + 8 students"

The study covered these downtown developments:

215 Fifth Avenue

8 boulevard West

185 Lincoln Avenue

101 Wolfs Lane

139 Fifth Avenue

163 Wolfs Lane

Proposed (Pelham House) at Fifth Avenue & Third Street

Proposed (Pelham House) on Sparks Avenue

The report was discussed briefly at the Village Board meeting Tuesday, August 13 and will be discussed more fully at the Board's Sept. 10 meeting.

The Village of Pelham Board of Trustees entered a $5,000 agreement with WXY Architecture and Urban Design to conduct the school generation study.

Instead of using the Rutgers methodology that is typically used by most developers proposing new housing, WXY has developed its own approach that relies on data more specific to individual municipalities. WXY most recently worked with this formula in New Rochelle.

The full report is on the Pelham Village website ( and a downloadable PDF is with this article.

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