Here is Superintendent of Schools Dr. Cheryl Champ's email as a followup to the announcement that swastikas were found in Pelham Middle School:

I wanted to share with you that we are continuing to collaborate with the Pelham Police Department as they conduct their investigation. To be clear, antisemitism and hate have absolutely no place in our schools and in our world. Anyone found to be responsible will face significant consequences in accordance with the District's Code of Conduct and applicable state and federal law.

On Wednesday, Principal Sabia and Assistant Principal Llewellyn shared a powerful message and clear expectations with all middle school students. These assemblies taught students the historical and current meaning of a swastika, the atrocities perpetrated during the Holocaust and why the symbol remains so powerfully damaging to this day. The presentation slides are available on the District website.

This Monday, October 7 at 6pm, Principal Sabia and I will be in the Middle School Library to review this presentation, clarify details of the incident and share the plans for our ongoing response. All are welcome to attend. Our Cultural Proficiency Overview for parents will then begin at 7pm. For anyone who can't attend the 6pm session, we are working to set up a time to share the same information at each school. Those dates and times will be shared directly from your school principal in the near future.

Lastly, please know that I am fully aware of how sensitive this issue is for everyone in our community. It is important at this crucial time that we do not fuel divisiveness but instead model civility and respect as we work to unite our community against acts of antisemitism, bigotry or hatred of any kind.

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