Letter to the Editor:

As a former long-time Pelham school board member, I would like to express my enthusiastic support for John Brice, Vincent Mazzaro and Leah Tahbaz in the upcoming Pelham school board election. Each has a well-respected track record of success in serving the Pelham community.

John Brice was a very effective Pelham school board member during his previous nine year stint on the Pelham school board. As Pelham school board president, John successfully guided the district through several major construction projects and the initial implementation stages of the district’s five year strategic plan.

Vinny Mazzaro has been a long-time volunteer in the Pelham community and served as a member of the Pelham Recreation Commission for six years. During his one-year on the Pelham school board, Vinny has shown himself to be readily accessible to Pelham community members who wish to speak about Pelham school issues.

Leah Tahbaz has great depth of knowledge about the Pelham school district, having served in many different volunteer capacities and as the incumbent PTA Council president. Many present and former Pelham school board members have worked closely with Leah on Pelham school matters and have long been looking forward to the time when Leah takes a seat on the Pelham school board.

This is a terrific slate of candidates. I am delighted to join many of my Pelham friends and neighbors in encouraging you to vote for John Brice, Vincent Mazzaro and Leah Tahbaz on Tuesday May 21, 2019.


Will Cavanagh

966 Plymouth Street

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