Letter to the Editor;

I am pleased to write this endorsement of Vinny Mazzaro for election to the Board of Education. Simply put, Vinny is tireless and has always been deeply committed to making Pelham a better place for kids.

Vinny and I have sons that are the same age, and when my son got became involved in youth sports, I met Vinny. Ever since we met, I have watched him commit every year to a long list of volunteer roles.

An amazing father of five, Vinny has volunteered in one or multiple roles (coach, team manager or board member) for 17 years in youth and varsity hockey, 15 years with baseball, 12 years with soccer, 3 years with lacrosse. I get exhausted writing this!

Vinny has served (and still serves) as the manager for the varsity hockey team. It’s a thankless role that requires hours of commitment, and enormous attention to detail around a long list weekly logistics for the entire season. Vinny has selflessly volunteered for this role 7 times and has done it flawlessly every time. Just ask any varsity hockey parent how buttoned up Vinny is.

For those of you that have been in Pelham long enough, you may know Vinny also played a significant role with the team that raised the money and orchestrated the many logistics involved in getting turf on the field at Glover. Many who thought a turf field was a bad decision now wonder how Pelham went without it for so long. Thank you, Vinny and team!

Vinny has raised five great kids in Pelham. They are all successful students, athletes, and involved members of the community. Vinny’s wife, Cathy, is also deeply committed to making Pelham better, and currently serves as Pelham’s Receiver of Taxes. Together they are model Pelhamites that serve up countless hours to help make Pelham the awesome community that it is.

Vinny doesn’t have to serve on the Board of Education. He has plenty to do between his family, his role as CFO with a Wall Street investment firm, and his several volunteer roles. He is not starved for things to do.

When Vinny asked me if I thought he should run for the Board of Education again, I chuckled and said, “only if your heart is truly in it.” A day later he texted me and told me he HAD to do it. That, to me, is the dedication and passion we want from executives making decisions about Pelham Schools. Vinny looks at this kind of assignment as his calling. He is selfless in its truest definition.

If you don’t know Vinny, you should. He is a world-class great guy, as hard of a working man as I know, and a dedicated husband and father. He’s even been known to drop in to a Pelham social event every now and then. You simply can’t find a better person to make important decisions about our schools and our kids, and I hope you’ll join me in casting your important vote for Vinny on May 21.

Geoff Dodge

241 Eastland Avenue

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