Hutchinson School teachers and staff and some construction workers will park in front of homes on Third and Fourth Avenues as well as First Street and Fifth Street during construction of the new Hutchinson School under a proposed parking plan.

Details of the plan and other information about site preparation work for the project will be discussed at a meeting at 7 pm tonight, Monday, June 3 in the Hutchinson School Gym.

This meeting, which is open to the entire community, will serve as an update on the plans for rock removal, tree-clearing and other site preparation. This work will begin in late June.

The proposed on street parking plan during construction—

Staff Parking:

West side of Third Ave (facing Lincoln Ave) from Sixth Street to Fifth Street

West side of Fourth Ave (facing Lincoln Ave) from Sixth Street to Lincoln Ave.

Visitor/Short Term Parking:

West side of Third Ave south of Lincoln Ave

Contractor Parking:

East side of First Ave north of Lincoln Ave. to Fifth Street

South side of Fifth Street to Second Ave.

Proposed Pedestrian and Traffic Flow—

Regular arrival and dismissal of students will take place through doors on Lincoln Ave (Old Library Entrance) for upper grades and Third Ave doors for lower grades around the corner.

Additional water filled barricades will be placed on the west side of Third Ave (for the length of the area currently crossed out on roadway). This will allow for crowd control as well as additional holding area discouraging students from walking on the street.

Students walking to, dropped off or picked up south of Lincoln Ave. will be encouraged to cross at the Lincoln Ave and Third Street intersection. A Village of Pelham crossing guard is regularly posted at this location during arrival and dismissal. The crosswalk also has a traffic control device for times when a crossing guard is not present.

The traffic pattern for students dropped off or picked up by car north of Lincoln Ave will approach from the west on Fifth Street (facing down the hill) and drop off or pick up at the bottom of the hill on the right hand side (south) of the vehicle. Students will then walk south on the sidewalk to the entrance door on Third Ave. After dropping off students vehicles will exit by turning left (north) on Third Ave towards Sixth St.

The District will have two movable plastic barricades (empty of water) located at Fifth Street and Third Ave to discourage through traffic during the day. The intent is that these are more visible than the current traffic devices.

It is expected there will. be “do not enter sign” on Third Avenue at 6th Street.

. (similar to what are placed Colonial Street and PMHS) to prevent cars from getting stuck at Fifth Street and then needing to turn around at the drop off point.

Note: Pelham police officers will disseminate the final plan to all of the homes on the affected streets. Police will enforce any potential blocked driveways upon complaint.

Additional information about the site preparation work, as well links to videos of the first two meetings, is available on the bond page of the District website (

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