Letter to the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Madeline Smith for the Board of Education because I feel strongly that she is the best candidate for the job. I am a Canadian-born Pelham resident with four children living in the Siwanoy district. The fact that Madeline has lived in Pelham for more than 12 years, that her daughter graduated from the Pelham schools and that her young son is still in the school system demonstrates to me that she has a unique perspective and a vested interest in our schools. While serving on the BOE over the past three years, Madeline has brought a new (and much-needed) level of transparency to our School Board. She was responsible for introducing the BOE coffees, which have given Pelham parents the chance to express their concerns and ask school-related questions to Board members in non-threatening, informal venues. My youngest child will start Kindergarten in the fall, and at that point all four of my children will be in the Pelham school system ranging from grades K through seven. It is very important to me to have someone as approachable as Madeline on the Board. She has personally helped me navigate and clarify some of the District’s policies, and I have always felt comfortable reaching out to her in this capacity. I find Madeline to be extremely open, professional and truly dedicated to the educational needs of our community. There is no question in my mind that she will continue her efforts to make Pelham an excellent place for our children to receive the best public school education possible. Please vote to re-elect Madeline Smith on May 19.


Wendy and R. Wade Dougherty

494 Siwanoy Place

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