Dear Editor:

It is my honor to endorse both Evelyn Riedel and Madeline Smith for the Pelham Board of Education.

Evelyn is one of the first people I met in Pelham, a fortuitous moment for me. She always impresses me with her ability to quickly discern what is important in any situation.

Evelyn is also an avid education advocate, attending Board of Education meetings on a regular basis and asking pointed and insightful questions of both the Board and presenters. She offers thoughtful commentary on the subject at hand. Evelyn’s contributions to the discussions on curricula, math curriculum in particular, were especially helpful.

Evelyn will be an excellent addition to the Board. Her education, volunteer and work history, as outlined in her campaign statement, give her a solid base to assess and meet the challenges that come to the Board each day. Evelyn understands the time commitment necessary to effectively navigate the responsibilities of the Trustee.

Madeline and I first met during Madeline’s campaign three years ago. The enthusiasm Madeline brought to her campaign was but a glimmer of the Board member she would be. Over the past three years, Madeline has been a leader in legislative advocacy. Coupled with her efforts to engage the constituency, Madeline is making a real difference in the lives of Pelham’s families.

Madeline brings thoughtful discourse to Board deliberations. She is diligent in her preparations and her inquiry goes well beyond the surface. Madeline respects all perspectives and is a proponent of consensus. Her experience on the Board is a great asset to her candidacy.

On Election Day, the residents of Pelham will be well served to choose Evelyn Riedel and Madeline Smith for the Board of Education.

Peggy O’Leary

Former Trustee

Pelham Board of Education

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