Dear Neighbor,

In the days before we elect three new members to our School Board of Education, I write to urge Pelham voters to support Janine Yorio for a position on the Board. Janine’s name is quite familiar by now - her yard signs, Facebook campaign and published statement have permeated our small town. For those of you who aren’t yet fortunate enough to know Janine personally, as I do, I want to give you my perspective on who Janine is and why she is the right person to represent our educational community.

Janine and I have young children the same age who have been playing together for several years. During that time, I have had many conversations with Janine about why we chose to move to Pelham, why our school system is the driving factor behind that choice, and what we can do to ensure that our schools continue to offer our children every chance at success in life. Janine is passionate about public education and loves hearing the perspectives of others who have come from different communities and backgrounds. Janine is always listening for ideas on what we can do in Pelham to make our schools even better. With a child enrolled in kindergarten this September, Janine has a vested interest in maintaining excellence as the baseline for achievement in all of our schools.

Janine will work to improve the system we know, and do so without increasing our bottom line to live here. Janine is intelligent, works hard and holds fiscal responsibility above all else in making sure we get the maximum value from our Pelham tax dollars. She has the time, passion and dedication to work towards building a consensus among parents, teachers and administrators so that things aren’t just discussed, but they actually get done. Janine is the real deal here and she will deliver on her promises.

Pelham residents, we would be fortunate to have Janine as our voice in the direction of our children’s education. So please, give your vote to Janine on May 19th.


Renée Gallagher

90 Boulevard

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