Dear Editor:

As a former public policy director, attorney, and mother of two young boys, I have closely studied the educational landscape in Pelham for the nearly seven years that I have lived here. It is because of my interest in policy and desire for education excellence that I am writing today to voice my support for an exceptional candidate for the Pelham School Board, Janine Yorio.

In the time since Janine and I each graduated from Yale University, we have had many discussions about Pelham schools. I believe Janine represents the absolute best qualities in a school board member: she has the passion and optimism to foresee a school district that meets the needs of every individual child, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of abilities, while also being realistic about the costs associated with designing such an educational utopia. She is independent, thoughtful, and pragmatic; Janine is equipped to make the tough decisions that leaders often face, while fostering the open dialogue and transparency that so many parents crave when it comes to school policy.

Additionally, with a successful career in venture capital and private equity, Janine has the grounding in finance that will enable her to identify, navigate, and ultimately help resolve the budgetary challenges that often make significant changes to school policy seem impossible. Janine understands that the increasing costs associated with employee salaries, pensions and benefits along with ongoing, unfunded federal mandates leave less room for implementing new ideas. Yet, she has the intelligence and experience to dive into the budget and make the adjustments needed to not only keep the district on track with the achievements it has enjoyed so far, but to elevate the district to an even higher echelon of public education.

Finally, as anyone who has visited the district website surely knows, the motto of the Pelham Public School District is “Inspiring a Standard of Excellence For All Students.” In the interest of full disclosure, I have not found the district to have lived up to this standard in the past, and my oldest son is currently enrolled in a nearby private elementary school. Nevertheless, I can say with certainty that given the chance to serve on Pelham’s School Board, Janine would truly inspire a standard of excellence for all students that rivals the most elite schools around. Let’s give Janine Yorio — and our children — that opportunity.


Angela Burton

432 Sixth Avenue

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