To the Editor:

Our school system is our most valuable asset and our taxes reflect this: more than 50% of our revenue supports our schools. Shouldn’t our best minds be dedicated to the supervision of this asset?

Evelyn Riedel is one of those minds. She stepped up to the plate to become Treasurer of the Colonial School PTA (while Jane Cooke was President, Ellen Chandler was Chair of Nominations and where Elaine Chang has sent three children). Evelyn instantly displayed the intellectual insight, analysis and rigor that have propelled her to this election for a seat on the Board of Education.

Evelyn comprehends the intricacies of Pelham’s financial profile and the value of our schools for our seniors, singles, and empty-nesters. She has been through the entire system as a parent and has made keen observations of every grade level, all learning styles, every type of teacher, and the multi-faceted administrative and management issues. She understands the value of our extra-curricular activities. She sees all the concerns of the BOE through the lens of a superb businesswoman as well as that of a dedicated parent and a compassionate neighbor. Although she is an active parent now of two school-age children––her oldest, a PMHS graduate, is a college sophomore––Evelyn is fully prepared and capable of dedicating her time and intellectual ability to the extraordinary demands of the Board. Above all, Evelyn is an exceptionally gifted “active listener” and we guarantee that she will listen to you and she will respond responsibly.

We strongly urge you to vote for Evelyn Riedel on Tuesday, May 19th to steward Pelham’s most valuable asset.

Yours truly,

Ellen and Michael Chandler

206 Ancon Avenue

Elaine and Jeffay Chang

16 Irving Place

Jane and Patrick Cooke

128 Corona Avenue

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