To the Editor:

In next week’s Pelham Manor mayoral election, we’re fortunate to have two skilled candidates, but only one of them, Neal Schwarzfeld, has the experience to continue the work of the last several years that has resulted in a significant increase in the Village’s commercial tax base without adding to the cost of providing services.

I got to know Jennifer Lapey about a dozen years ago when she was organizing community opposition to the Target retail development in Mt. Vernon. I was impressed with her skill ​ and​ thought it would be great for the Manor if Jennifer would serve in an official capacity, such as Village Attorney or Trustee, or as a member of the Panning Board. Unfortunately, ​she has not done so.​

I would imagine that Jennifer, as a “lifer” in this Village who values its history, would respect the unbroken tradition of stepping down after one term as mayor. (It’s hard to imagine the President of the Preservation Society feeling otherwise!) With that in mind, I think it’s a shame that the Manor would get only two years of service from Jennifer Lapey.

The wheels of government turn slowly and for that reason it takes patience and persistence to accomplish the goals of Village government. It takes time to build consensus. It takes a level of continuity to keep projects moving forward.

I’m voting for Neal Schwarzfeld for mayor because this Village is in the crosshairs of the Federal Government and Neal has demonstrated, through his actions on the record, that he knows how to take the long view and do what is in the best interest of Pelham Manor and all its residents.


Paul Mottola

1270 Pelhamdale Avenue

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