To the Editor:

We want to publicly thank Madeline Smith for the amazing job she has done since joining the Pelham Board of Education in 2012 and to encourage everyone in Pelham to re-elect her on May 19.

We supported Madeline in 2012 because she was one of the most thoughtful and fair minded people we have ever known. She also had impressive experience from her successful career in communications and finance. But most important – she was fully invested in the Pelham Schools, with both a son (Eric) in Colonial Elementary School and a daughter (Emily) a Pelham Memorial High School graduate.

Immediately after joining the Board, Madeline initiated coffee meetings with members of the Board of Education for the community to speak in an informal setting. Shortly thereafter, she worked tirelessly with fellow Board members in the search to find a new Superintendent that resulted in the appointment of Dr. Peter Giarrizzo. Then she worked with Dr. Giarrizzo to found the Pelham Advocacy Committee, which since inception has gotten Pelham close to $600,000 back from NY State, successfully protected the privacy of data collected on our children by the State, and continues to advocate for appropriate state funding and a more thoughtful approach from NY State regarding standardized testing of our children.

If you don’t know Madeline you are missing out. If you want to get to know Madeline meet her at the next BOE coffee. She will listen to you, consider your point of view in every aspect and will take appropriate action.

We have a strong BOE that appears to work well together, takes its important role in the Pelham community very seriously, and is making good things happen (and preventing bad things from happening!). Let’s keep it going by re-electing one of the BOE’s respected, hardworking and honored members!


Robby and Meredith Ohmes

226 Highbrook Avenue

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