To the Editor:

We are Hutchinson School parents and we are writing to endorse Madeline Smith and encourage her re-election to the Pelham Board of Education (BOE). As parents of three children, education was a big reason to establish roots in Pelham. Madeline shares our dedication to a public school environment where Pelham children thrive. Her BOE tenure the past three years highlights her energy and focus on results:

• Influential in selection and hire of Dr. Peter Giarrizzo as Superintendent

• Established the BOE coffee sessions to facilitate gathering community input on decisions

• Founded the Pelham Advocacy Committee to raise concerns to the state

• Opened dialogue to improve the content and approach of state-mandated testing

• Worked to ensure that child data is secured and safeguarded

• Worked on the Math Task Force to improve math education

• Responsibly optimized School Board spending based on budget realities and unfunded liabilities

• Secured the return of close to $600,000 from the state

• Named Advocate of the Year by the NY State School Boards Association

Madeline has already achieved a lot for Pelham Schools. Her finance background and experience as a Pelham parent of elementary to high school children are a natural fit for the BOE. Please vote for Madeline Smith, a proven leader and advocate for the best interests of our children’s education. She cares and deserves to continue her efforts.


Colleen and Chris Maiberger

19 Walnut Avenue

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