To The Editor:

We are writing in support of Madeline Smith and Steve Molineaux in their bids for re-election as members of the Pelham Board of Education. We have known both candidates for over seven years and know first hand the level of commitment and impact both have on the Pelham community.

While on the school board, Madeline excelled in providing much needed school board transparency to Pelham residents. In the past three years, we have witnessed the transformation to an open-dialogued environment, where residents are encouraged to participate in newly created Board of Ed coffees, community surveys, and Town Hall meetings. Madeline co-founded the Pelham Board of Education Advocacy group and has led five letter writing campaigns, one of which resulted in the school district receiving back over $500,000 from New York State. She was just named a NYSSBA Advocate of the Year for her tireless efforts.

Steve Molineaux has leveraged his 20-plus-year career in financial analysis to review all aspects of the school budget. He has been instrumental in finding ways to cut back spending and re-purposing existing funds, while maintaining the same dedication to excellence in education. His diligence helped ensure that the next budget is under the state tax cap, which is the lowest tax increase in 16 years.

Madeline and Steve both have proven track records on the Board of Education. Please join us on May 19th in re-electing Madeline and Steve to the Pelham Board of Education.


Monica and Terry Mullan

1283 Manor Circle

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