To the Editor:

Memorial Day (formerly Decoration Day) is the annual day we remember the fallen protectors of our country. From its inception to the present, we have managed to add to the fallen resulting from a greater frequency of wars. These wars have produced veterans as well as the fallen, who we remember with parades, flowers, and patriotic speeches. Unresolved political problems with other countries, due to judgmental errors, may develop into wars, requiring our young men and women to become the defenders of all that we stand for.

I see the excellent speech by Colonel Tiso as appropriate advice to our community and Nation. That it was delivered on Memorial Day was providential. What better way is there to alert us of the potential to add more victims of war to the vast cemeteries holding our dead heroes?

Colonel Tiso was calling on the leaders and the Nation to strengthen its defenses. There is evidence of a number of bully Nations ready to diminish the USA. There seems to be an unending supply of bullies that develop and the only answer to them is strength and preparation. There is not always a need to use force, but only to have it ready as deterrence.

So thank you, Colonel Tiso, we need more of you to rouse the country of the imminent danger we are in. Let us do everything possible short of war to not have our young men and women lose their lives but for the need of appropriate preparation.

The lessons of history are forgotten at our detriment.

Anthony Marrella

103 Iden Avenue

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