Dear Editor:

We write enthusiastically to endorse Mike Volpe for Mayor of the Village of Pelham, and Tim Cassidy, Susan Mutti and Xaira Ferrara for Village Trustees.

It seems to us that the last two years have been good ones for the Pelham Village government. Tim, Mike and Susan have delivered on their promise as candidates two years ago to be fiscally responsible—they have ensured compliance with state-mandated budget caps in both years—and have also made steady progress in improving our community. We can depend on them to keep their pledge to continue fiscal responsibility while working to further improve Pelham by promoting shared services with surrounding communities, supporting local business and continuing efforts to revitalize downtown.

We have known the Volpe family for almost 25 years. Mike and Eileen raised their three children in Pelham and have deep roots in the community. Mike’s service as Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor during the last two years is only the most recent of his long record of service to the community, including as soccer commissioner, Little League President and Town Councilman. Mike is dedicated, creative, collaborative and courageous; he will no doubt continue Tim Cassidy’s excellent leadership if elected.

Tim, Carolyn and the Cassidy family are also longtime friends with deep roots in Pelham. Tim grew up here and has a long record of service to the community, including as both Mayor and Village Trustee. Tim’s leadership as Mayor has been excellent, and he has been indispensable in ensuring fiscal responsibility, which he will continue to do as Trustee.

Susan Mutti is a friend and Pelhamwood neighbor. Susan’s hard work and dedication have made her another critical component of the Village government’s success during the last two years. Susan’s work on Trotta Park and Wolfs Lane Park, and her efforts spearheading negotiation of the union contract with the Department of Public Works, were particularly notable and valuable.

Xaira Ferrara offers a fresh perspective as a new addition to the ticket. Xaira has a clear track record of service to Pelham, including as a member of the Junior League. Xaira’s dedication and enthusiasm to making Pelham an even better place makes her a valuable addition to the ticket.

We respectfully urge you to vote for Mike Volpe, and Tim Cassidy, Susan Mutti and Xaira Ferrara on Election Day.


Edward and Catherine Smith

155 Harmon Avenue

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