To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in the hope that all of my fellow citizens of Pelham will join me in voting to re-elect Madeline Smith to the Board of Ed on May 19.

I have known Madeline Smith and her family for most of my ten years living in Pelham. I know her on a personal level as a terrific friend who is very civic minded, a caring parent, and a fun member of my book club. Watching her grow as a school board member these past three years has been exciting as I have seen her personal gifts being used selflessly for the benefit of all of Pelham. Madeline is a tireless worker who strives to educate herself about everything possible in conjunction with our school system and community. This is a daunting task as there are no “time-outs” in the education process. She has to balance her studies while serving the town on a daily basis. Madeline has done a remarkable and commendable job thus far and I am eager to see what she can accomplish in the future.

Madeline’s communication skills are one of her major strengths. She has led many initiatives with opening up the school board to the whole town, which leads to a great dialogue among the many constituents of the board, school children, teachers and administrators and parents. Madeline is the Board representative to Prospect Hill, where my ten-year-old daughter is currently in fourth grade, and where my 12-year-old son, who is now at the Pelham Middle School, attended for six years. I have had the direct benefit of Madeline’s wonderful community outreach.

Madeline’s MBA from NYU and her professional background in operations in publishing and government bond financing are invaluable to the people of Pelham as she has led many initiatives to increase the resources that our students receive and at the same time minimize costs.

We can all sleep better at night knowing that Madeline is minding our schools and looking out for our children’s best interests.

Again, please join me in voting for Madeline Smith on May 19.

Irina Brandler

921 Washington Ave

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