Assemblymember Amy Paulin had 33 of her bills pass both the Assembly and Senate, the most of any member of the Assembly.

"As you know, legislating is my central focus.," she said. "The best way I know how to serve you is by going to Albany, drafting bills that would have a real effect on people’s lives in Westchester and across the state, working with my colleagues and advocates to build coalitions, and fighting as hard as I can for them to become law."

Here are some of the Paulin bills passed by the Assembly ad House:

Preventing Gun Violence

I’ve been passionate about commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence since before I even entered public service. This year, the legislature finally passed my safe storage bill which requires the safe and secure storage of rifles, shotguns, and handguns to prevent access by children under 16 and other prohibited persons. We also passed my bill to extend the time period before a gun dealer has the discretion to give a buyer a gun if the initial background check comes back “delay” in order to give the FBI more time to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.

Saying “Enough” to Nuisance Calls

In every part of the state, New Yorkers are fed up with trying and failing to get off telemarketer’s lists. The Assembly and the State Senate passed my Nuisance Call Act, which would empower consumers to reclaim some peace and quiet by requiring live telemarketers to proactively inform recipients of how they can get on the company’s ‘do-not-call’ lists and by preventing the customer’s information from being distributed to a third party.

Jump-Starting the Gateway Project

Working with my counterpart in New Jersey on the issue of public authorities and commissions, State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, we successfully conducted a six-way negotiation between both chambers of the legislatures and both governors of New York and New Jersey and passed a bill to establish the bi-state Gateway Development Commission to act as a coordinating agency for the facilitation of projects related to the stretch of the Northeast Corridor railway between Newark, New Jersey and Penn Station, including the rehabilitation and construction of tunnels under the Hudson River. This was a necessary step to be eligible for future federal funding for arguably the most essential infrastructure project in the nation.

Ending Exams on Unconscious Patients Without Consent

The Assembly and Senate also passed my bill to make it clear that any health care procedure or examination performed in the course of the education or training of medical students or resident physicians must still require the informed consent of the patient. The bill addresses the still too common training practice of medical students or residents performing pelvic, rectal, or prostate exams on patients who are unconscious and anesthetized for an unrelated surgical procedure and who have not explicitly consented to the exam.

Defending the Integrity of Non-Profits and Houses of Worship and Keeping Out Dark Money from Our Elections

New York became the first state to have its legislature pass its own version of the Johnson Amendment whereby religious and 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations are granted tax-exempt status but may not endorse or oppose a candidate for political office, which was written by then-Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson and signing into law by President Eisenhower, but has come under increasing fire from the Trump Administration over the past two years. Nonprofit organizations and good government groups have raised dire predictions on the potential for corruption absent these standards, including “dark money” donations to help candidates circumventing campaign finance limits.

Banning Dangerous Crib Bumper Pads

There have been numerous warnings about the risks of suffocation, strangulation, and injuries to infants from crib bumper pads, including alarming statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute, and Kids In Danger have called for a ban on the sale of crib bumper pads. With the passage of my bill, New York would become the third state to do so.

Enabling Victims of Domestic Violence to Vote Safely

My bill would give all victims of domestic violence the right to vote by mailing in a ballot, including those who remain in the county where they are registered, allowing them to safely cast their vote without fear for their personal safety.

The Paulin District Office telephone: (914) 723-1115





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