The League of Women Voters of New York State supports the Nov. 7 ballot proposal calling for a New York State Constitutional Convention. If approved,  New Yorkers will have an opportunity, which occurs only once every 20 years, to call for a Constitutional Convention to be convened in 2019 to consider changes to the New York State Constitution. Any proposed changes recommended by the Convention would be subject to voter approval.

“New York State’s political leaders have failed for the past two decades to enact meaningful reform and make democracy work in our state,” said Dare Thompson, President of the League. “In this 100th anniversary year of women getting the vote in New York State, New Yorkers will be able to send a strong message that they are fed up with corruption and dysfunction in Albany.”

A Constitutional Convention would provide New Yorkers the opportunity to consider critical reforms that Albany has refused to undertake, including in the areas of:

• Voting reforms, bringing New York’s elections into the 21st century

• Rooting out corruption, including reducing the influence of money in our political system and instituting an effective ethics enforcement agency

• Fair legislative redistricting, completely removed from sitting legislators

• Streamlining and modernizing our court system, making it more effective

• Reinforcing and strengthening our bill of rights, guaranteeing our personal freedoms and meeting our basic human needs.

If voters approve the Constitutional Convention question in 2017, a total of 189 delegates from State Senate districts and 15 at-large delegates will be elected in November 2018. “The League believes it is important that voters choose delegates who will embody change,” said Ms. Thompson. “We will work with other groups in New York State to strengthen the delegate selection process to ensure the election of an informed and diverse group of delegates committed to fundamental reform.”

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