The Village of Pelham Board of Trustees will continue a Public Hearing for community comment on the 139 Fifth Avenue and 163 Wolfs Lane rental apartment development proposals at its Sept. 10 meeting. The Village Board meeting will start at 7:30pm at Village Hall, 175 Sparks Avenue.

Presentations on both projects at the Board's August 13 meeting were followed by public comment The revised proposal for 139 Fifth Avenue that now is five stories instead of six received general approval.  However, a handful of neighbors of the proposed 163 Wolfs Lane proposal objected to is size although one neighbor endorsed it.

Both projects have been approved by the Village's Planning Board and Architectural Review Board and now need site plan approval by the Village Board of Trustees to go ahead.

As currently proposed, 139 Fifth Avenue is a five-story mixed-use development with 1,400sf retail on the ground level and 28 luxury rental residential units on floors two through five.(As originally proposed, this development was going to have six stories and have 80% age restricted units for senior citizens; however, several community members objected to a sixth story and argued that even with age restrictions more children would move into the building.)

As currently proposed, 163 Wolfs Lane, located next to The Picture House, is  a five-story mixed-use development with 27 rental residential units and 1,400sf of retail on the ground level. (The developer had discussions with The Picture House officials on the possibility of TPH renting part of the ground floor space and working together on other matters, but th discussions were not fruitful.)

The latest submissions from both developers can be downloaded as pdfs from hte Village websie at

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