Adding early voting totals to unofficial results on Election night (Nov. 5) show Democratic candidate Adam Kagan defeated Town Justice John DeChiaro and Democratic candidates Kristen Burke and Maura Curtin will replace veteran Town Councilman Blake Bell and defeated challenger Michelle Marcellino.

The early voting results posted at westchester widened the leads of the winners as follows:

Town Justice:

Adam Kagan (D-SAM) 123

John DeChiaro (R-C-I) 59

Town Council (Elect 2):

Burke (D-SAM) 123

Maura Curtin  (D-SAM) 117

Blake Bell (R-C-I) 59

Michelle Marcellino (R-C-I) 53

Uncontested were:

Town Supervisor:

Dan McLaughlin (R-C-I) 97

Town Clerk:

Antoinette Clemente (R-C-I) -98


After the polls closed results were incomplete because there were malfunctions of voting machines in three districts.Only partial results were available from District 5 and no results were available from District 7 and District 10, which are both in Pelham Manor.

Unofficial results from Election Day posted by the Westchester Board of Elections were as follows:

Town Justice:

Adam Kagan (D-SAM) 1679

John DeChiaro (R-C-I) 1505

Town Council (Elect 2):

Burke (D-SAM) 1770

Maura Curtin  (D-SAM) 1654

Blake Bell (R-C-I) 1423

Michelle Marcellino (R-C-I) 1340

Uncontested were:

Town Supervisor:

Dan McLaughlin (R-C-I) 2019

Town Clerk:

Antoinette Clemente (R-C-I) -1983

The Westchester County Board of Elections Tally is available at

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