A school bus that the PMHS Boys Soccer team was going to board caught fire in front of the Pelham Middle School shortly before 2:00pm. Students were evacuated from the Middle School and High School and Pelham Village firefighters quickly put out the fire.

Acting Fire Chief Chris McCann said someone noticed smoke coming out of the bus engine and anyone on the bus quickly got off. The fire department and police were alerted. The bus then was engulfed in flames.

Chief McCann said there were no injuries. The soccer team boarded another bus and went to its game.

New Rochelle Fire Department was responding but Chief McCann said he told the department it was not needed and the situation was under control. He said the cause of the fire is being investigated.


In an e-mail to parents, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Peter Giarrizzo said:

"At approximately 1:45 this afternoon, a bus that was parked outside Pelham Middle School waiting to transport the Boys Varsity Soccer team to their playoff game in Sleepy Hollow caught on fire. Student athletes and coaches were evacuated from the bus immediately at the first sign of smoke. While the cause of the fire remains unconfirmed, it is believed to be electrical or mechanical in nature.  The matter remains an open investigation.

"The fire was promptly extinguished by the firefighters, but to further ensure the safety of all students and staff, the entire secondary campus was evacuated. All procedures were followed appropriately and I applaud faculty, administration and staff for their commitment to the safety of our students.

"Thank you to the Pelham and Pelham Manor Fire Departments and all our local first responders for their service today and everyday."

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